Teaching Philosophy

Teaching dance brings me so much joy, and the ability to share my passion with other aspiring dancers is truly an honor. As an educator, I believe it is imperative that I create an environment where the dancers can perfect their craft and express themselves. Dancers come from very different dance backgrounds and I make each class centered on the individuality of the students and their personal growth ensuring that they are progressing at their own comfortable pace. I strive to be a mentor for my students, and someone that the dancers can learn from and build a connection with. I feel it is imperative that as a teacher not only am I well educated, but I am also technically knowledgeable on dance. The key to being able to improve dancers’ technique is knowing how to make proper and useful corrections. My main priority as a teacher is ensuring that every student in my classes is always being challenged, while also teaching age and skill level appropriate material that the students are able to retain. This may entail breaking down steps more or working with students individually if that is what is necessary to make certain that every student in the class are fully understanding and applying the movement being taught.

As a dance teacher, I strive to gain a mutual respect between myself and my students. I also want to ensure that I am relatable to the students, and someone that students’ feel comfortable talking to. As an educator I wish to stay true to my personal teaching style and be able to share my knowledge of dance through my own style. It is important for me to share my own personality with my students, but also teach the students according to each of their own learning styles. As a part of my personality, I am a very organized person, and I incorporate this trait into my teaching to ensure that my classes run smoothly and sequentially. I create sequential lesson plans because it is imperative that my dancers have a cohesive flow in class and that the movement they are being taught I reintroduce in other forms throughout class making it easier for the dancers to comprehend the lesson theme. In my classes I refrain from accidentally slipping into an unintentional way of teaching where I end up focusing on one particular student, but ensuring that I am spending equal amounts time corrections and praising each student. By doing this I create an atmosphere that is fair and equal for everyone in the class. I teach my classes catered towards each individual students own ability and skill level, ensuring that everyone is being educated equally.

I feel that teaching dance is the most significant contribution I could make to adolescents and other aspiring dancers. I create lesson plans that cover a wide variety of topics, but mainly topics that can be taken outside of the classroom and used in my students’ everyday life. I connect dance into my students’ personal life as well and I try to ensure that each of the classes I teach are student-centered. No matter the interest or ability of my students I ensure that the passion I have for dance is being shared with them in each class, and that with each class my students are finding something new within their own personal dancing.